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  • Philosophy



    Marketing. Inspiration, incentive, a poke, a prod — a cause, and an effect. A commitment to measurement and optimization. To ROI, to results. And online, the ingredients are design, development, usability, and strategy. Something special happens when it all comes together. Leads are captured, sales generated, rave reviews rendered. Quality climbs and costs dip, ROI soars. Business looks good from here.

  • Design



    Be bold. There's nobody like you. Don't be afraid to stand on the edge. Design is the first touchpoint for your audience. How it looks, how it feels. Unprecedented and unique or tried and true. A logo, a website, an ad banner, a comprehensive marketing plan.  Do you know what your brand is doing when you're not looking? There is magic in the design.

  • Development



    If you build it... Technology gets us excited at Mumblypeg Media. It's almost embarrassing, but geeks can be cool too, so we're told. Development means technology—code and database, HTML and CSS, AJAX and PHP. Increasingly, it means smart connections between your online property and services provided by dozens of others, from social media sites to analytics.

  • Usability



    Wait ... how do I... ? That toaster isn't going to help much with breakfast if you can't find the on button. Mumblypeg Media was founded by a Cognitive Science major with a passion for making things workable, intuitive. How does it work? What will it do? What is it, and how do I interact with it? From cockpits to light switches, from iPad apps to websites, usability is king.

  • Strategy



    The web is always changing. There is always opportunity to those who can identify it. Development means technology—servers, code, databases. It also means planning, and systems for tracking and optimization. The engines that make your business work.



Email marketing done right. Integrity of design, compatibility coded.  Thorough testing, quick turnarounds. Spread the word.



SEO, SEM, analytics? What are you looking for in who's looking for you? Get your name out there, your presence known. Learn what the competition is doing, leverage the information to boost your numbers.


Banners & Sponsorships

So you've got your website. You've done your search homework and implemented your strategies. What next? Brand reinforcement. Let the world wide web know that you are here.  Let us help.